How to extract data from Google Maps ?

Do you need to collect and analyze data for your business growth? Google Maps can help you with this task. Not only does it help you locate and display places, but it also provides crucial business details. To extract data effortlessly, you need an efficient tool like the G Map Leads Finder.

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This leading platform allows you to scrape all the crucial data without putting in much effort and time. It is user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for beginners with no technical knowledge or skills. The information obtained is summarized and displayed in the form of pages that you can export to a CSV file. Compared to its rivals, it is cost-effective and even provides a simple, guided interface where you can view a demo and find answers to your questions.

What data can you obtain by using the G Map Leads Finder? It will provide you with a detailed report about the related keyword you searched for on Google Maps. For example, if you enter "club" into the search bar, all the local club details will be extracted from the Google map. The data obtained includes the name and address, contact details, social media profiles, reviews and ratings, and location details.

To extract data from Google Maps using the G Map Leads Finder, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, open the internet browser and click on the extension icon present in the toolbar. Then, choose the "Sign in with Google" option and provide the Google account through which you want to sign in. After signing in, click on the "Open Google Maps" option, and it will take you to the Google Maps website. Next, enter the related word you want to search for in the top search menu and hit the searching button to extract data from Google Maps. Finally, wait for a few minutes until the extraction is completed, then hit the "Export detailed list" option, and the CSV file will be downloaded on your device.

How to extract data from Google Maps ?

There are many reasons why you may need to extract information from Google Maps using the G Map Leads Finder, such as developing or updating customer profiles, keeping records of your competitors in one sheet, collecting different types of information securely, knowing more about a new area and its places, finding phone numbers and email addresses, collecting social media profiles, and getting domains and regional websites of particular places of your topic.

In conclusion, the G Map Leads Finder is a simple, fast, and efficient Chrome extension that lets you dig out essential information free of cost from Google Maps. It is a helpful software that can assist you in scraping information from Google Maps about specific types of places, making it an indispensable tool for businesses looking to grow.